Finding the Best Cloud Storage


Official Polling Data for Cloud Storage

13247_wpm_lowresOur official polling data indicates you want to use cloud storage, but you don’t yet. You ma
y not even know what the cloud is. So let’s start right there. The cloud is the internet, that vast collection of computers, including smartphones, that now dots the globe. But parts of the Internet go inside special buildings and are special computers that are guarded by a special security guard. Those buildings are called data centers, and that’s more the “cloud” you’re thinking.

Cloud Storage Security

2296_wpm_lowresWhy the security guard? Well, those data centers are filled with your data. That’s right. If you use a cloud storage provider, your family photos are on there. Your letters to your mother. Your recordings of conversations between you and your boss. That’s why these companies are super duper interested in keeping your data safe and secure, because if something were to happen to someone’s data, everyone would flee from that cloud service to another. One with bigger security guards, probably.

Finding the Right Cloud Storage

Ho boy, it’s hard to find the right cloud storage company. Everyone’s got a mobile app and everyone says they’re unlimited. But you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet, right? That’s why we tried all the cloud storage providers for you, compared them using our lab coats and field notes, and then coughed up the best 3 for you to choose from. But more on that later.

Explaining Cloud Storage

Here’s a video explaining some of the basics of cloud storage.

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